Ikirouta (ikirouta_fox) wrote in fursuit,

Curly dog tail tutorial!

Because people ask so often how to make a husky etc. tail I decided to help and made a tutorial about making a curly dog tail. :3


That´s quite easy way to make a tail because you don´t have to use elastic band or metal etc.

The tutorial is written in baaaad English because I don´t know the correct terms in English, I apologize. But it has lots of pictures so I hope it makes sense. x3

Curly tail patterns can also be purchased from me! This is for people who doubt they can make a pattern on their own. :3 The price is 13 EUR (~19 USD) and it includes international shipping and illustrated sewing instructions as well! Please e-mail pekingfoxie@gmail.com if interested.
Tags: tails, tutorials
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