Wildfox (wildfox34) wrote in fursuit,
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Skunk tail rod

I asked a few months ago about how to go about buidling a tail rod for a standup skunk tail. After pondering about it, I decided to go ahead with the delrin rod route in getting this done. But I still have a couple questions about it.

First, how long of a piece of delrin rod will I need to buy? I'm looking at possibly having a 3' long by 2' wide skunk tail. I'm also planning on having an opening in the base of the tail from the inside of the suit to be able to slide it in if I want to use it while wearing the suit (so I could go with the tail up or down), could that effect at how big of a piece of tail rod I would need?

Second, how would I attatch it to a weight belt? I'm planning on getting a used weight belt at a local sports shop that resells used equipment and use that to strap it around my waist. What would be the best way to attatch this to the weight belt? If a weight belt wouldn't work in this, what would work?

Thanks for the help!
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