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Resin Eyes

Hey, sorry for yet another post but I've run into some trouble with my resin eyes and I'm not quite sure how to fix it ^^;

So, after days and days of waiting for my resin to cast I finally took them out of the mold today and this is how they turned out:

All cloudy and swirly with a bunch of tiny little air bubbles. I followed all the directions on the box (I used Easycast Clear Epoxy Resin) and all the steps in Komicakrazi's tutorial, and they turned out like this. I have to admit though I did have the sinking suspicion that they weren't going to turn out right when the epoxy was a yellowish color when I was mixing it, but when the color didn't go away after close to 5 minutes of mixing I figured it was supposed to be that color.

So yeah... if anyone has any tips I would appreciate them greatly!
Tags: casting, eyes, wip
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