That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in fursuit,

Help making a snivy costume

this will be my first big project. ive done smaller sculpting before but never something on this scale. after going to the nintendo world store and seeing the Snivy costume they had I knew i needed to make one somehow. if anyone is in the nyc/long island area and would like to help in person please contact me 83

anyhow where to start?? im very small, 4'9 so i hopefully wont need to pay too much. i want it to look as close as possible to this; but what do i use? foam? where do i get foam? im planning on using minky to cover it. i see that vision will be an issue and i am planning on looking out of the sides where the eyes are as well as making a higher mouth to look from. if anyone has ideas on how to proceed please help ^^;
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