katieparadice (katieparadice) wrote in fursuit,

3D eye sheen method?

  okay i was looking at the orignal "3-d eye sheen method-http://fursuit.livejournal.com/4947244.html"  poste and thought that i would try and find the palstic that they where talking about but no luck then i looked around the memories and found somthing about bending resin. so i looked up clear Acrylic sheets that could be bent easily and foundd> " http://www.dickblick.com/products/clear-acrylic-sheets/ "i was thinkinf if youu mad a rounded mold that about the size of the eye youu plan on makeing this would work very well but idk iv yet to try it so i gues what im trying to ask would this be a goo way to go about the 3D eye sheen method? or is there a better/easyer way
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