Lil' Shellhead (lilshellhead) wrote in fursuit,

Couple Questions Y'all

Okay a few quick questions.

Working on a suit for Halloween and beyond. Corgi/ Pitbull mix that I'm going to be trying a few new things with to see if I can get everything working the way I want it all to.

1. Fur! Givien to two breed I think between one and two inch pile fur should be fine. I was looking at these:
Faux Fur Long Pile WOLF BLACK

Faux Fur Long Pile LION CAMEL

Faux Fur Long Pile LION BEIGE

Faux Fur Long Pile BLACK GORILLA

But was wondering if anyone had used these before and how they look shaved down. I'm really temped to do the beige and tan together, tan and gorilla black, or beige and gorilla black, but I'm not sure if the lengths will match. If anyone has ordered from fabric empire before; how was the quality and shipping time?

2. Doing a dropped crouch on a partial; is it possible? I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure if it really can be done or not.

This is kinda what I was thinking to do...but if y'all have any better idea's I'm all ears.

Edit: A large shirt will be worn to cover there area where the base shows though I'm also temped to fur that area in case the shirt lifts if that makes sense.

And last but not least

3. Arms + paws This one is a bit harder to explain. I'm looking to do him as close to my drawing style as possible and I tend to do thin upper arms with bigger forearms and paws. I'm thinking of trying to do it this way. but once again...not sure if that will work.

Any ideas of feedback would be loved. And I'll post updates and pictures as I work on putting this suit together.
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