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How DO you make those Animal Costumes? (Fursuits)
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29th-Dec-2016 06:47 am - Washing dry-brushed fur?
Hi there!

Been lurking around a while now, but I still haven't come across any sort of solid answer to this (if I missed it somewhere, I'm so sorry!). I'm making a suit but for the first time I'll be dry brushing acrylics onto the fur since the design is very intricate, but I'm worried that using cleaner on it will potentially ruin it. Does anyone have any experience with dry brushed fur and how to keep your suit clean?

Any tips or tricks would be welcome!
28th-Dec-2016 11:20 pm - Lilac/lavender fur?
I've been searching for a high quality light purple fur, but I can't for the life of me find it. I've tried searching through previous journals, but all links were broken. The lavender fursuitsupplies fur seems awful dark... I dont know! Throw any helpful links my way
Thank you!
28th-Dec-2016 12:55 am - Custom Shoes??
So I am wondering if, since I wear clothig over the suit, I could get someone or somehow make a pair of custom boots to wear over top of my feet (clawed). It's kind of a waste, but it would be really useful for keeping the pads from wearing after too much use (and they'd match my outfit)! The problem is.... how on earth would I make shoes for big clawed feet? I could just wear regular shoes and not wear the feet at all, but that would look kind of 'off' compared to everything else. Any suggestions for making huge soled shoes?

I want to note that I'm talking about boots, not sandals.
23rd-Dec-2016 07:07 pm - Body Zippers?
So, I've read tons of tutorials on how to sew body zippers. However, I still have trouble grasping how you give it a seamless look and not have the zipper poking out. For example, on SVC's new manokit: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cx99wYZVQAAczPv.jpg

It looks like there's a light outline, but practically nothing there. The zipper is well hidden and it doesn't look like the zipper would pop out if the position were to change. Does anyone know how this is done?
Ssooo... I am new to this, to fursuiting in any respect. But I have a specific idea in mind. This, unfortunantly, is not a simple thing I want. No, that would be too easy. For all intents, my fursona is a Tauren from world of warcraft. Or minotaur for those who don't play. Or anthro bovine for.. uh everyone else.

Thankfully, I intend to wear a kilt, nothing on the chest, so no need for digigrade legs but finding any real held in terms of bovine suits (or people who make such), has been hard. I also don't know how to sew, for that added flavor. Any ideas where to start on this? I have read some articles, but many just heh confuse me. I guess I should start with a head first, then work from there. This pic below is essentially what I will try to make. Yes, the symbols should be fun.

Art of Boubalos
21st-Dec-2016 12:57 pm - Fursuit maker wanted
Iam searching for a fursuit maker! Reference sheet is ready to go.
Iam planning a fursuit with Toony eyes.
We can discuss further details by email. Contact me here or byy
email: manfred.hopfmeier@gmail.com
21st-Dec-2016 12:56 pm - Fursuit maker wanted
Iam searching for a fursuit maker! Reference sheet is ready to go.
Iam planning a fursuit with Toony eyes.
We can discuss further details by email. Contact me here or by
email: manfred.hopfmeier@gmail.com
18th-Dec-2016 06:39 pm - Clippers and You! (And a bonus.)
SL :: Oct 2016
This post has been ... a long time coming. Hold on to your butts, it's LONG. It will be updated as I have updates to add to it. This post has a LOT of personal experience in it, from 12 years of pet grooming and dealing with this equipment. This post probably also has some underlying salt in it, mostly directed at companies who can't get together on a standard. But I'm trying to keep it to a minimum.


Clippers and you!

I've been formulating this post for the better part of the time I've been a pet groomer (which is 12 years at this point...) and over that decade, I've learned a lot of tips and tricks and what to do and not to do when it comes to clippers and fursuiting.

This is going to be the link version of this post. I will update this in the near future with video to show some visuals on certain things on a day when it's not 33 degrees Farenheit for a high in TX so I can stand to be in the garage for a bit. I'll do pictures/video next time I groom my dog (coming soon, he's wooly). There will be pictures/a video for the bonus question at the bottom.

I'm breaking things down into individual questions, and each answer will be under a LJ cut, so all you have to do when you're looking at the post is to click that cut.

This is a LONG post.

1: What clippers should I buy?
Read more...Collapse )

2: What's A5 mean?
Read more...Collapse )

3: Are there any good non-A5 clippers?
Read more...Collapse )

4: What blades should I look at? There are so many!
Read more...Collapse )

5: What guards/guide combs should I use?
Read more...Collapse )

6: How do I care for my blades?
Read more...Collapse )

7: How do I care for my clippers?
Read more...Collapse )

8: *Bonus answer!* Can I finish a suit with hand scissoring?
Read more...Collapse )

All of my notes from the past years have wandered off. I had some videos previously made, which also wandered off. But I will have more coming, using better equipment than my old MacBook's webcam. If there's anything you have a question about that I missed, don't hesitate to ask. I'll keep a list of questions asked directly under this bit, and a list of edit made under that.

(We need "clippers" and "finishing" tags...)

Added Questions/Answers:
1: Can I buy used A5 clippers?
Read more...Collapse )

2: What can I do about fur shavings?
Read more...Collapse )

Edit 1: Added about used/second hand clippers, since I forgot that bit.
Edit 2: Added how to save your lungs.
18th-Dec-2016 04:16 pm - Plush feetpaws
flacko, weasel

I have been wanting to make some plush feetpaws, where there is cotton or polyfill instead of foam. But finding tutorials of these is very hard. How are these usually made? First doing a foam toes and then making a pattern, but instead of foam, you fill it with polyfill? But how to stop legs touching the polyfill if no shoes are added? Sock?

I have always loved those huge big big fursuit feet with big beans under it and I want to try to make similar ones for myself. I once tried to make a plush footpaw, but I stuffed it way too much and it was hard to put on D:

(also shame I am unable to add tags like lining, padding, plush) Would come so handy to find topics with those words...

18th-Dec-2016 03:47 pm - Plush feetpaws
flacko, weasel
I have been wanting to make some plush feetpaws, where there is cotton or polyfill instead of foam. But finding tutorials of these is very hard. How are these usually made? First doing a foam toes and then making a pattern, but instead of foam, you fill it with polyfill? But how to stop toes touching the polyfill if no shoes are added? Sock? Or how to keep the sock still so it doesnt move a lot inside?

I have always loved those huge big big fursuit feet with big beans under it and I want to try to make similar ones for myself. I once tried to make a plush footpaw, but I stuffed it way too much and it was hard to put on D:
18th-Dec-2016 07:17 am - Clippers leave lines in fur
I've been shaving LS fur with my new clippers, and have run into a problem; the clippers leave lines in the fur, like crop lines in a field. The clippers are new, I oil and clean them, I don't let them overheat, and I always start with the longest guard I can get away with and slowly work my way down when shaving.

Am I doing something wrong? I will admit that I shave against the grain of the fur (my clippers literally don't pick up the fur otherwise), but it still ends up even and smooth... except for the lines, obviously.
My guess is that my clipper guards are the problem; they are made of plastic, and are thick enough to leave lines of slightly longer fur. I'm thinking about buying some thin, stainless-steel clipper guards, but they are rather expensive.

EDIT: I tried again on a scrap of different fur. It was still LS, but a different brand (higher-quality and thicker). Yes, the clippers still left crop lines, so it's not because of the kind of fur I used.
It's either something I'm doing wrong, or it's the clippers. I'm hoping it's me, because I want to avoid spending more money on new guards or a repair of some kind.

Just for some more info, I am using a pair of Wahl clippers for human hair (not cheapo, but not high-brow either).

Any suggestions for how to fix this would be very appreciated.
I recently moved into an old house after the previous tenant passed away. It came with all of her belongings, and pretty much everything is from the 70s and 80s. I found this little locomotive toy (no idea what it is) but I found its moving eye mechanism fascinating and thought I'd post about it just in case someone wanted to attempt it on a head or quadsuit.

Read more...Collapse )
16th-Dec-2016 05:13 pm - arm sleeves
So, I finished my first partial earlier this year and could not be more stoked. But after a con and a few other events, I'm beginning to realize the inconvenience I've done myself by making the sleeves and paws one unit. It looks great, but things like switching on LEDs and buttoning shirts is nearly impossible. My solution is to separate the paws from the arm sleeves and just extend the wrist on the paws for clean overlap. Have any of you ever done this before? Do you have any suggestions?
16th-Dec-2016 08:51 am(no subject)
So I finally finished my head the night before the convention! It came out so well and I'm so very proud of myself. I can't thank the guidance of this community enough.
That being said, even though it would be in a way completed there is a few things I do wish to improve on and adjust - the main subject being the beak. I wasn't sure on how to complete the beak - there is a white/grey line that rims where the blank was cut that I'm not too sure how to remove (do I sand it?) also that I wasn't sure on what material I would use to polish it up with (plastic dip? modpodge?) - so I left it as is. It's a detail that is really bothering me. In the meantime here's a picture of my girl.

14th-Dec-2016 11:28 pm - Mendel's Cuddle Bear
Hey everyone,

Just curious if anyone has tried to make a suit out of Mendel's cuddle bear, specifically this stuff: https://www.mendels.com/Cuddle-Bear.html

I need it for an all-green character, it's tough to find short green fur, lol
10th-Dec-2016 12:19 pm - Painting resin teeth
I posted a new blog post about painting resin teeth on my website: http://www.sanssoucistudios.com/blog/painting-resin-teeth

It took some courage to mess with the pretty teeth from Dreamvision Creations, but I'm happy with how they came out.

Also had the worst "D'oh!" moment of my entire artistic career- didn't pay attention to where the little arrow on the trigger of the can was pointing and sprayed myself in the face with the gloss sealer! Fortunately I was wearing glasses, and hubby was able to clean the glasses, with mineral spirits over the course of forty five minutes!

I'd be interested to hear about teeth tutorials other people have found helpful.
30th-Nov-2016 10:13 pm - shipping fur?
I'm going through stashes of fur and I was wondering -- how do you guys ship large quantities of fur affordably? I was considering trying to sell a few big bags of fur as is (as of late I've been trying to sell my scraps via large padded flat rate envelopes) to keep the cost minimal. However, I've seen some sellers offering to ship things like 8-gallon bags full of fur for $15.00 and I just don't see how that's possible. I know fur squishes, but I feel like it would still take a decent sized box to ship that much fur. So, I'm just wondering if I'm missing something obvious? What is the most cost efficient way to ship large quantity of fur (either large pieces or a mess of scraps) within the US? I've got a lot of fur I'd like to work through and sell (I need the money and don't have the space for too much in the way of excess material unless I plan on using it for a project in the semi-near future.) Soooo, trying to find the best ways to make back a little of the money I spent on all the material, but keeps things affordable for people interested in taking it off my hands. ;)
20th-Nov-2016 04:34 pm - Painting resin eyes
Continuing working on my second head build, just posted this blog entry about painting resin eyes: http://www.sanssoucistudios.com/blog/painting-resin-eyes

My first head I used both acrylics and watercolor pencils, this time I used straight acrylics- felt like I had more control.

I'm curious- how many people here paint their own eyes, or buy them pre painted? If you paint them yourself, are there tutorials you find especially helpful? Links? I know there's also those photo printouts that get glued to eyes that look pretty nifty, what do you use?

Thanks in advance!
16th-Nov-2016 06:00 pm - Bony scales and spikes!
EDIT: Thanks for the help, everyone! I like the Worbla suggestion, but using it doesn't look realistic for me right now for multiple reasons, so I'll probably use one of the other methods I listed and come back to it later ^^

Hi, everyone! It's been a while!

It looks like over the summer I'll be making a full fursuit of the Beowolf from RWBY. It's basically an anthropomorphic black wolf with a skeletal head and some bony spikes and spots and spines all over (which are my area of concern for this question!)

Picture and question under the cutCollapse )
15th-Nov-2016 10:13 am - Flip pattern question
Hello all- I'm working on my second head now. One of the improvements I'd like to make this time is have the fur fit the resin blank more tightly, so that the mask has a better shape overall. I used DVC's tutorial online to make the pattern for the first mask, in which only one side of the head is duct taped and patterned, then mirrored/flipped to make the pattern for the other side.

Question: Is there a point to just patterning the entire head? Will this come up with a better fitting pattern? My blank is not perfectly symmetrical by any means. I also worry that I might run into trouble with the hood if I *don't* flip the pattern, as I do want the hood to be perfectly symmetrical!

(Here's a blog post on my first head: http://www.sanssoucistudios.com/blog/adventures-in-fursuit-head-building )

Thoughts? TIA!
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