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The Rules for LJ Fursuit - Please read and Folow....

The Few Rules:

* Before you ask a question, please check the MEMORIES (The text says "Memories" next to the community userpic.) TONS of questions have been categorized!
* Please, keep it PG13. (aka "work safe", no showing "bits")
* Please, ONLY ON TOPIC posts! Keep it on Fursuits you have built, Tutorials, or questions on how to build them, only.
* Please, Do not lock comments. Keep them open.
* For Fursuit Auctions / Sales / Wanting a Quote for something, please post to fursuitauctions! If you're looking to buy or sell fursuits, parts, or costume items, join that community!
* Feel free to show any "HOW TOs" on creating things. THIS is what the community was made for!
* For showing off your work, please limit the front of the post to ONE small picture (please, no larger than 250px by 250px), then for multiple pictures, please use the LJ-cut (see here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 )or just link the URL to the pic.

Use this:
<lj-cut text="TEXT">

Do not put any spaces in the < > brackets.
TEXT= what the link will say.
ENTRY= what you put in the entry inside the cut. This can be pictures, text, etc

* Also if you are showing off your work, PLEASE, don't post day after day after day with your progress. Instead, show us your construction pics by week, or the finished product when you are done.

* Constructive criticism IS ALLOWED. Be aware you may have some members comment on how to improve your work if you end up posting pictures unless you specifically say "Please, no crits on this" (or something along those lines. )




Faux fur from yarn [HELP]

I saw this video tutorial and was wondering if this technique would be possible for making a sheet of faux "fur"
I'm planning to make a partial/mini partial, so I definitely don't need a whole load of fur. My fursona has six colors, mostly different shades of brown/burgundy so I really don't want to buy six different colors of fur and drop $80+ on it.

I'm thinking about getting mesh fabric to loop the yarn through and create a sheet of fur. Has anyone done this? I've looked everywhere but haven't seen a solid answer. My only fear is shaving the yarn down for the fursuit head and messing it up (I've seen no one shave down yarn fur).

I've heard that it is washable. The last thing I want to do is buy a buttload of fur in different colors when I only need a little bit of each color. If yarn fur isn't a good method, what other options do you guys think I could use? Buying white fur and dyeing/painting it was another one of my options but the color easily washes out of synthetic fibers.

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Kemono fursuit making

こんいちわ!Hello everyone (Picture is not mine Credit: Kemocube) I would like to make a head like this and a wagging tail as @missrars on Instagram for her Catxenfish. She said that she got the tutorial from rarsuit if anyone has an idea on how to create mesh moving jaw heads and wagging tails. Please do not hesitate to comment. I WILL read all comments.

Your favorite sales sites?

Hi there, I'm a relative noob to the furry world, though I have been a maskmaker for many years. I am getting ready to list my first publicly available partial at auction and am wondering, where are good places to go to get lots of eyeballs on the post? That's probably more important to me than the actual sale. I see Livejournal has a sales forum. Where are places you like to go to browse? Thanks so much!
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How to make a fursuit headbase look more unique?

Hey, so I don't have any photos but I am currently sculpting a headbase of a species not very common in the fandom (but is somewhat becoming popular because of a big maker) and that I've always wanted to make for years. Its a toony base, and there is only one other (well known) person out there that has made a toony version of the species and the challenge of making them anthropromorphic.

Because of the animal you can only fit the head on a certain angle so it brings up a challenge, I was pretty proud of how it was turning out and was working my hardest. However, I showed some WIPS in a chat today and was told by a few people that the head looks just like (insert others name here) which was something I was afraid of hearing.

I can only do so much to the base for it to actually look like the species and yet look unique, nice looking, and proportionate. The person I was accused of copying made a very "generic" toony base not really in any style, yet I have done my best to make it as original and unique as I can. How am I supposed to deal with this? What can I do? Its just a base, right? Its going to be covered up with fur anyway? Im afraid of getting yelled at by other people and afraid of the person I was accused of copying to come and attack me.

Hope this makes sense, I'm at a loss and in a bit of a panic.

Shortpile seams and pile length variation

I have always made heads using longpile and shaved it down, but this next head i’m planning I’m going to use short and long furs with the intent of not shaving an inch, as I think it’ll create a smooth finish quite easily. I’ve run into two curiosities in my pursuit  

  -How do I make sure handsewn shortpile doesn’t dramatically show seams, or is this not an issue? I am familiar with the matrices tutorial on making short fur more seamless using machine sewing, but it’s not really applicable to hand sewn fur like I do on my heads. Is this even an issue with handsewing, does the fur still get caught in the seams and create an awkward gap? My instinct is it’ll be fine but I wanted to double check! 

  -pile length variant. An interesting point of working with short fur is the dramatic transition between short and long furs without gradations, i was wondering things like how to go about ears? The ears will be semi-floppy (like on a collie or Australian Shepard) so would a stylistic approach like long at the bottom short at the top look good or jarring? Would there be a stylistic benifit on pile length variation for the neck? Like a patch of short/long  fur and such.     Thanks in advance!

Mock-up: (overlayed on the base i'm using)

Balaclava pattern?

Scrolling through posts and such here, and the go-to balaclava pattern seems to have disappeared a while ago.. wondering, what do people use for their go-to balaclava pattern? I know it's easy to buy one but I want to be able to make one too. TIA!