Stephy (stephyski) wrote in fursuit,

New poster, new fursuiter

Hello there-- my first post, and questions about my first fursuit (though I'm certainly no stranger to sewing, tails, and the like...)

I'm about to start on my first fursuit: a yellow labrador. I have a general idea of what I'm doing, but I'm extremely detailed with my work. I've been searching through the memories and found quite a bit of help there, so for now I could really use just any other tips that may not have been mentioned:

-Colorations: Yellow lab fur variates from white to yellow-brown to light brown. Createx paints were mentioned in the memories: are those suitable for covering wide areas, as well as small? And as said, if I heat set and brush the area thoroughly, will it prevent fur clumping?

-Pink nose: ..any ideas for this one? I'd like to use the fake-leather-like material, but I've only seen it in black, and the pink vinyl is.. annoyingly pink. Paint is an option, but again, I'm a stickler for realism. Anyone ever seen a pinkish-brown material suitable for this?

-Floppy ears: they seem easy enough. Are they?

-Claws: clay claws are good, no? Any tricks I should know?

-Eyes: Glass Eyes seem like a good idea. I didn't see much on how to actually make them, though, and how to go about getting the right color? (Be gentle, I'm a newbie. Maybe I'm just blind.) If I don't go with the realistic look, I'll probably go with the 'regular' fursuit eyes over the glass ones.

And finally, a picture of my lovely model!Collapse )

Check out those markings. That's pretty much what I'm shooting for. Even down to the little brown paws.

Any tips from other suiters are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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