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What I found at Wal-Mart.

Heh, thought this might be a useful suggestion to those out there who are looking for "parts" lately.

Silv and I went walking through Wal-Mart, so I could find something to use for eyes on my ferret fursuit head I'm building. We found some pretty useful things!!

During the Easter season, Wal-Mart has plastic eggs. They've got jumbo plastic eggs, half of which are see-through. These might make great eyes, if someone's looking for clear plastic to use. They're even oval-shaped! These cost about $.79 each.
Wal-Mart also has "Bunny Bowling." It's got little bunny-shaped bowling pins, and comes with two small "bowling balls" that fit into the palm of my hand. Costs maybe $1.50 for the set. I'm using these bowling balls as the eyes for my ferret. (obviously, I will have vision out of someplace other than the eyes.)
Finally, and this is my favorite part, they have plastic jelly bean boxes, over by the plastic eggs. I love these, because it's somewhere near $1.50 or $2.00 (I don't have the receipt on hand, and the price isn't on the packaging) for something like 6 jelly beans. Included in this package are black and pink ones, that pop open (you're supposed to be able to put candy inside) and each half is about the right shape and size for a fursuit NOSE! Plus, they're glossy, so that makes them even better! ;)

I just got excited about how many things you can do with fursuit construction using these cheapie Easter decorations, and wanted to share, in case anyone needed ideas. ;)

Also, for those who haven't heard yet, I've launched my new web site! Fully functional, with bits on my artwork AND my fursuit construction. Check it out here!

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