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Okay, well, the RIGHT community now ;p

Yes, the idea for this topic Started in furartxchange and DeDe reminded me that I should post it here, in the community it belongs in. ^_^ Well then.

For those of you who recall, I'm working on the Zeebra, Skeebrough. I've finished the hands in one method of striping, and finished the tail in another, and I have about 50% completed the head. Unfortunately, I will not be able to finish the head for PawPet. *aww!*

The gloves, if you recall, I was snipping the white out, turning the hands inside out, and very patiently stitching in black stripes. Very very very time consuming. Also, smaller or thinner stripes were more than just dificult, in some areas, down right impossible. Considering the small area I had to work with for the tail *And the looming Megaplex date, I just had to finish the tail before Megaplex,* decided me to try a different tack for the black stripes. I pinned the two fabrics together, and from the white fabric, on the back *the side that is now towards the polyfill* I took a fabric parker pen and drew the stripes. I followed this outline on an all metal sewing machine and then snipped off the excess black. This left the stripes not only raised a bit, but with a little of a loose edge. As the tail is now sewn together, and stufed.... I'm a little at a loss on how to tack down the edges, aside from ripping out the seams, or just consigning this tail as Mark 1 (Of many to follow, I'm sure...).

Well, the real hurdle I'm looking at is the body suit. I mean, the gloves took days for each *Granted, I might have only worked about three hours at a time each day, but three hours saw me through about two maybe three stripes on an average for the gloves* and the tail only took one night, but I'm infinately more pleased with the gloves than the tail. But, we're talking about an aweful LOT of handstitching on the body suit.

Not to mention how the stripes changed the stretch of the fabric.

I had wanted to make the suit somewhat skin tight, for several reasons. I tailored the gloves to be snug, but have room to stretch to pull them on, take them off, or to allow someone with slightly larger arms use them, should I ever (Ever? Uh, maybe never ;p) lend someone the paws. The stripes, however, in the careful stitch that I used, refuse to stretch. I found that the thread itself is what keeps the gloves from stretching as much now, making the left one a little dificult to get on and off where one of the stripes tightens down past the end of my palm.

So, its no small wonder that I am looking at the body suit with some apprehension. It would be more than a labor of love to hand stitch all those stripes in, yet, I'm SO dissatisfied with how the tail looks. (Its not horrible, or ungodly ugly, just ... not really what I'm looking for). I DO have a Badger Airbrush, but no compressor, no experiance, and no paint. (I was re-embursed the price of the airbrush by a prior employer as a nessesary tool when I was painting Warhammer 40K minis as a sales and display rep, but the business went under before I could get the compressor). And, what do the results look like on fur? Has anyone been as happy with airbrushing as they were with piecing other colors in? Does anyone know the types of paint that work on what types of fabric/fur?

Questions, questions, I know ;p

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