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Bunnies Bunnies Everywhere!!!

Greetings, everyone. First, I'm happy to say my coyote/wolf head sold. I think he got a good home, the guy seemed really nice. :3 Anyway. With the cash from that, I plan to get a few goodies for myself and make a full suit. It's going to be a carmel and white bunny. Just in time for the Howlidays! He's going to have the basic "Bugs Bunny" markings, white belly paws cheeks yaddayaddayadda. But anywho! I need to know about many yards of fur I will need, I don't wanna buy waywayway too much and of course I don't wanna be short on any... so any of you pups got a general idea? I kinda need to know quick cuz I need to get the fur in and the suit done before Easter. oi. Maybe it'll be a rush for me or maybe not... just depends on the crazy schedule I have the next few weeks. But I think it'll turn out pretty good. So, if any of ya can help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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