Dexter Fox (dexter_fox) wrote in fursuit,
Dexter Fox

An introduction and Gun Jumping

*waves to the crowd*
Hello all. I'm Dexter Fox. I've been a Southern California fur for over a year now and hanging around with fursuiters for most of that time. Thing is, I've never gotten around to getting a suit of my own. Always wanting my first suit to be perfect and all and never finding the time to make my own. Well, I've had about all I can stand and I am looking to get a suit of my own very soon. It won't be my dream fursuit, but it will be mine.

To make a long post semi-short, I'm jumping the ettiquite gun and seeing if any of the readers here want to build a suit for me or sell me one you've made. I'm not exceedingly particular and I'm fiscally able to pay for a fairly decent suit. I want full body including head and I'm leaning toward a naturally-colored small woodland creature like a rabbit or chipmunk. I'm also checking furbid, so if you have something up there (or somewhere) that you think I should notice, let me know. Otherwise, I'd love to hear from anyone who may be interested. BTW, the suit would need to be finished and delivered before AC. Thank you.

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