Fossil Fish (calypte) wrote in fursuit,
Fossil Fish

Good Material for Eyelashes?

I've decided that a panda is my next fursuit project. I would like to make it female and to give it that appearance in the face I'd like to add eyelashes to the eyelids. I'm going to be using static eyes made of plastic bowls much like how matrices does hers, but I'm not sure what would make a good material for eyelashes. I would just want them on the outter edges on the eyelids, and would like them kind of pronounced and noticable. Any ideas?

Also, I've been looking at photographs of pandas and it doesn't seem like they have any sort of visible tail, yet most art I've seen of pandas show them with a black tail. I'm torn, should I:

A.) Have no tail.
B.) Have a white tail or,
C.) Have a black tail?

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