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Couple Questions

Heyas everyone. Long time lurker, first time posting :) Lets see, I've been working on my first fursuit head, and now I have a few questions. I'll just make a list and anyone can answer any that they know.

Here's the general makeup of the head so far:
-Plastic mesh and foam
-Moveable jaw w/pivot points back by my cheeks and small rubberbands for tension (I used Matrices tutorial :) )
-Eyesight is out of "tearducts" with chiffon covering...havent added the eyes yet

Ok, and the questions:

1. Is it easier to first attatch ears to the head, and then fur...or fur them seperately from the head and attatch them afterwards?

2. Pretty much the same as above, but with the eyes... Attatch to the head and then fur, or the other way around?

3. Whats the easiest way to start furring? Start from the nose and work back, or......?

I think that's it.... Thanks for the help!!

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