Akimaru (burmecian_storm) wrote in fursuit,

Fatsuits and your take on them?

I have read up on the entries in the memory section concerning plushie-type fursuits, and the several corresponding comments on fatsuits. However, I wanted to ask fellow fursuiters if there are any specific patterns for fatsuits that you have utilized to your advantage, and which material (foam, doll / polyfil stuffing, etc.) works best in such an undersuit.

I can use all the help I can get, as I am about to undertake a very big project (along the calibur of the not-so-human characters in the Mario Bros. video games). I have a rather large body frame (I'm called the "female linebacker" by quite a few), but I wanted to go all out (if that was possible, lol).

Thank you guys!!

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