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Paw sandals!

Look what I made!

Sandals for my paws!

I've seen the idea before, and liked the novelty as well as the advantage of having sandals to protect the pawpad detailing I put into the bottom of my white footpaws. ... So I thought I'd give it a try!

The design for the sandals is pretty simple.
I cut the shape of a garden kneepad mat that I found a the dollar store with a razor blade, and then determined where I wanted the straps to go. The straps I had cut off from a cheap backpack that I found at the thrift store (and had already cannibalized its zippers for another project) I cut slits in the mat to thread the straps through, the straps are just poked through the slit and sewn to themselves. The two clips (indicated in grey in the design pic) are on the same side. The four straps sewn to themselves to hold on to the garden mat were all sewn first. The 5th strap that goes behind the heel was done last, since that was easiest to do last so I knew where to position it. (The blue in the design pic indicates where I had sewn.)

The only thing I am considering is using liquid rubber (like tooldip or something) to seal the bottom of the sole to protect the straps that are exposed at the bottom.

Total cost using dollar store garden mats and a thrift store backpack: $3.50

EDIT 2/19/2017: This tutorial has been revised and now lives here with working images:
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