luckytheevildog (luckytheevildog) wrote in fursuit,

Body Pod question.

All of you performers out there, and costumers too, what have you used for a body pod for your costumes?? What has worked, and what hasn't?

In one of my suits, I currently have a 6 inch piece of foam, from my neck to my crotch, giving me the girth, and I'd really like to swap this out with something ALOT less hot. Its currently in the form of a diaper, excuse the mental image, but I step into it, it goes up over my shuolders, then zip it up the front, then the foam gets snapped to this. It moves with me, but its just so hot and blah. So, Im curious what all is out there?

Are there any good costume makers or costume companies that I can be referred to for some help on this? Any I should stay away from?


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