Tig (willows_storm) wrote in fursuit,

I need sexy eyes!

I've got eyes all over my desk, cut out shapes and drawn all over scap papers. Nothing I've come up with works well. I'm despirate and in need of some sort of shape soon so I can continue on with furring the head. I'm looking for something sexy, but not something that could be mistaken as tired or angry, nothing that could make her seem stoned or scare children. LOL I'm planning to take her to a park event as well as cons, and I know that the eyes are what tells you if a character is friend or foe, so I really want to make this right.

I would like to use the 3D eye method with it if possible. Does anyone have any ideas they could show me? She's sort of a punk-goth white scottish terrier, if that helps you.


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