The Dread Pirate Ngarewyrd (ngarewyrd) wrote in fursuit,
The Dread Pirate Ngarewyrd

Version Two

Does anyone remember my slightly crappy (well, I thought it was) fursuit head from last year? well, I'm at it again, this time with a much _better_ version, I call it, 'Version Two'

v2front2 v2front2

the view from the front, It's not quite finished, what with the fur needing to be placed on the head, and the ears and horns and other bits like that, but well, it's close enough for me to show off a WIP, not so worried about the wibbly bits and the bulges, as this stuff will be covered by the fur
v2side2 v2side2

from the side, you can see how it looks lengthwise, I feel that it's just about 'right' for my tastes, Might work a little bit more on shaping the eyeridges and other bits like that, but so far, it's lookin good

The question is, What now? what sort of eyes do I attempt to make? I want to try making myself a set of 'follow me' eyes, but I'm not sure how to go about it

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