The Red Alchemist (jirris_midvale) wrote in fursuit,
The Red Alchemist

Designing a Suit

Heya. I think I'm ready to go off in to my first foray into a real fursuit. I've decided to do a partial 'throw away' to learn the ropes on before doing a full suit of one of my 'real' characters.

But that brings me to why I'm posting here, which is for a few answers. To begin with, what sort of steps help design a fursuit? I've got next to no sewing experience (done basic clothing repairs and made a rather sad tail once), but I am somewhat handy with 2-d art. Is is just good enough to make a good character design and good reference pictures to work with, or something more indepth? What species have you guys found easy (easier, anyways) to make as far as heads, paws, and tails? Also, what species sell well in the market afterwards? I only plan on wearing it a few times, it's mostly for experience in costume making.

I'm ambitious, so I'm doing to do a balakava head. I like the way those look better than carved or toaster heads. I don't know if I want to do 'tracking eyes' or if I'll just do flat painted ones. Probably the latter, but I want to at least build the tracking ones out as an experiment.

Anyways, any suggestions for a first timer would be great too.


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