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Hey Guys!

I need some help getting some fur! all the furs at the stores near me in the colors i need are WAY too expensive. i have little to no money, but i CAN pay with art, and perhaps a little money on the side. any agreement that might be made will be assured to get bumped to the top of my priority list.

SO! i need a medium tan or light brown fur, preferably seal or something soft and short pile. if you only have long pile, that's cool, i can shave it :3 i need about... oh.... 2 yards? something like that. i also need a nice long-pile white or cream, maybe like a yard or a little under. something about 2 inches in pile probably? anyone have anything close to either of those? i need them before halloween, so i'm prepared to do twice the amount of art than the fur's worth, please see my examples and prices here: i also do Second Life avatars and textures! PLEASE help me out here, i really dont want to have to resort to the crappy Fun Fur junk at the store... >.<;;

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