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WTF, Monterey Mills?!?

I heard the new "quality" of their seal isn't as good as it used to be, but I haven't noticed that yet.. but I DID receive some REALLY poor quality warm beige short teddy... the EXPENSIVE stuff too! >:/ I already had some on me, and it's normally very soft, fluffly, and somewhat thick. But the warm beige I received lately is flat, thin and with a slightly coarse texture. It's horrible! I had to go back and check over my invoice for it to make sure they did infact send me short teddy and not plush. >.<

I really want to complain to CR's and see if they have something better in, but unfortunately I can't really do anything about it, since it was purchased months ago. Anyone else with these quality issues? Obviously it's MM's doing.. maybe they need a few complaints e-mailed to them.

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