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How to make Latex Paw Pads w/Pictures!

Yup, I've been looking around for awhile on how to make some latex paw-pads and I've learned alot, but theres one thing..None of them had any photos of the paw-pads in progress! So, I made this tutorial on how I made these my latex paw-pads ^^ I've toke bits and pieces of information from the memories, including Furrhappens.com. Just wanted to thank them :3


First of all, you got to start out with your paw! For this, I'm going to make some paws for my Raito Fursuit. So here they are.

Now to make the pawpads casts. Now, for this, I would recommend oil based clays. BUT, I didn't have any! What to do? I made my own! What I did was get some Left over Scupley (this was scupley 1, which is not recommended for claws and stuff) and mixed it little but little with oil until it got nice and soft. Then, I made the paw pads. Make sure to test the pawpads and put them on your paws to see if they are too little or too small.

Next, to make the mold! You will be Plaster of Paris for this. What I did was use the Scupley to make a Dam around the paws, as explained in Furrhappens.com. Then, put the paws in the dam (make sure you put them in a bowl, or somewhere you can move). After that, mix up your plaster as it says in the instructions and pour the plaster in the mold.

The plaster should dry in a day. When its done, remove the dam and flip over your mold, you should see your paw-pads in the bottom! To remove them, pinch the middle of the clay and slowly pop them out. They should come out easily, if you use an oil-based clay.

After that, clean your mold GOOD. I forgot this step, and I don't want you to do the same! x3

Now for the Latex. I used Rubber Latex for my pawpads. I wanted to make them dark gray, so what I did was mix them with Black Acrylic until I got the desired color. Make sure the paint and latex is NOT at a 50 50 ratio, there should be more latex than paint.

When your done, slowy pour your latex in the mold. Its ok it it goes in the edges, its actually easier to pull them out by grabbing hold of them. Move the mold around so all the air bubbles rise. Now, its time to wait..It toke me 3 days for them to dry, so be patient x3 Make sure they are in a hot, dry place and if you want, you can put them under a fan for faster cooling.

Now to pop them out the mold! You can do this by pinching the extra latex that got out the mold and by slowing lifting it up. After that, clean it and remove all access latex with a pair of scissors.

Almost done! Now to put them on! First, shave the fur down where you want to put them and glue them securely to your paws. I recommend using Epoxy to glue your paw-pads.

And Your done! You got paw-pads! Hope it helped you guys! If you have any questions or would like to add anything, feel free to comment! ^^

Some Extra Tips!

+When you have sculpted your pads, and are getting ready to pour the plaster on top, make sure that you have put vasceline on the plate (if not glass) otherwise the mold is likely tol stick together.

+Whean cleaning out your mold, it is good to brush in a layer of latex, let it cure, then use that to "pull" the mold clean. After that, give it a soft scrub down with a soft paint brush and some rubbing alcohol.

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