January 13th, 2004

new member

Hi there! I'm a new member. I don't have a fursuit yet but I have one being made by White Fox Productions. I should have it by AC ^.^ My mate and I have a whole closet full of fur but most of it we're not doing anything with, in fact for a while we haven't done anything with any of it. Some of it should be up for sale on furbid sometime soon, I'll let you all know ^.^
rice ball kitty

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Bought materials to make a fursuit head. Some plastic mesh, high density foam [2 inch deep it was on SALE], some foam glue and some wierd clear plastic half cup things that looked like they'd make good eyeballs, hehe. Found these awesome rope pieces that would make KICK ASS dreadlocks. I have sandpaper and scizzors and razors and twisty ties and hot glue. No fur yet. Anything else I should get? Or any tips? I haven't even decided on a species yet... I can't make up my mind.