February 5th, 2004

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a nifty source for new fur: bunyworks.com

they just started carrying fur, but i've bought from bunyworks before, GREAT source for PVC and high-end fabrics, and the owned just got a lead on 100% PURE SILK VELVET *sadly, it's $150/yard, but still!* VERY good prices from what i've seen, minimum order of 2 yards.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for sewing machines?
I'm looking in on buying a /new/ sewing machine. (I'm not interested in a used or older one) I'm, of course, going to use it to sew fake fur.. but also denim and corduroy.

I'm also hoping for one that has a straight chain stitch as well as a zigzag stitch. Other stitches or features are ok, but all I really need is those two.

Let me know what's worked well for you (let me know the brand and model number if you know it.) I'm looking for something within the $300 price range.

The reason I ask this is because my "old skool" White brand sewing machine has broken down for the third time.. second time within the past 6 months.. and I don't really want to invest another $50 to get it repaired /again/ for the same reoccuring problem.
I just want something newer with more features I can play around with.
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Short-sighted suiters?

Hey all. I'm working on what I hope will become my first fursuit head, building a basic structure out of cardboard (when I get more confident I'd like to try plastic mesh; cardboard, however, is free), and I've hit a snag.

It's my glasses.

If I try to structure the head to leave room for my specs, it looks misshapen and horrible. Without my glasses, I can't see further than the end of my nose. Getting contact lenses purely for the purposes of fursuiting seems a little extreme.

Anyone else had this problem? Workarounds? I'm considering popping the lenses out of an old pair of glasses and gluing them to the eyeholes, but this also seems a little extreme.