February 10th, 2004

Neo - Press Start
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So, My roomie and I are buildings half-suits at the moment [head, arms, tails, maybe feet].

I have made three masks in the past, but I'm always unsure on the eyes. None of the ways I have done it are very satisfactory...

So guys, A little help please?

What eyes do YOU feel are the best? Personal opinions welcome. What eyes have you tried that worked, what didn't work? What looks good? And any other little tidbits you can help me with. Anything! I'm all ears [eyes?]

For the curious, the ways I have done it so far is, painting the inside of half a clear globe, I found the globe is too...far from the eye. If it was shallower I think it would have worked better. And then I've done the...hidden eyesight thing. The eyes on the head are not-see through and you actaully have vision somewhere else...but this only works with black fur [on black mesh]. My vision here was the best...but as you can read, I'm stuck!

Thanks in advance!

What's everyone working on right now?

Hi! This is just a curiosity post. I'm wondering what sorts of projects you guys are all working on right now. I love hearing about what people are doing. Are you planning anything? Starting anything? in the middle of something? What direction are you going with your project. etc...

Right now I'm still working on my fox fursuit. I've got the bodysuit all finished, and I'm really proud. I'm working on the paws right now, the footpaws to be exact. and I'm mid-constriction on the mask. I'm applying foam pieces to the framework. I'm also trying to figure out a possible name for the character, since I've also been drawing it a lot lately.
I'm really looking forward to it being finished.

Anyone else cookin' up any good projects?
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