February 12th, 2004

Aibo ninja

Want fursuit dog head?, make me and offer and yours it will be!

Well it kinda flopped on ebay, heh bad times oh well. So this time this will be my lowest selling head (best chance to get a cheap head made by me ;), heh so you get to make me the offers for it. If you are interested email me back at latinvixen@mixedcandy.com or latinvixen2002@yahoo.com

If you want more pics of the pooch head ask me and ill take them gladly.


*psst...the neck looks bigger bc of the way im holding it, if you want ill take a pic of me wearing it to show you its just extra fur to tuck in or do as you please for a a full suit*.

take care everyone and thank you for reading.
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Swifty Love

Baggage Searches...

Gotta question I've been meaning to ask for a while since returning from MFF last year and finding out that the Action Packer that "Rocky" was packed in had been opened, parts removed, searched and then re-packed differently and carelessly than it was found.

What are my rights, as a traveller, to request to be present if/when my luggage/baggage is searched?

How do I convey this to check-in personel in the post-911 world? Security folks tend to know their stuff, but if the message is ignored, or not conveyed, how do I ensure that I will be contacted so that I can protect an expensive fursuit or head from being mishandled or repackaged incorrectly?

Thanks ahead of time for your input.

Swift Fox
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(no subject)

Hey everyone, I've decided to go for feet and paws that can be worn with normal clothing, with much less heat than a full fursuit. Trouble is, I have no idea how to make feet, or hands either. I've read the faq, but it doesn't tell me enough, or how to make durable feet. I plan to use them to play ddr, so they can't be just some piece of crap, ya know. I was thinking I could begin with a pair of old chucks, make foam toes, cover the whole lot in fur, and add claws and what not. Any other ideas?