February 15th, 2004

It doesn't exist.

Finding the right fur for one's fursuit must be the most difficult task in the world! Honestly. It seriously hard to find the right color... and I'm only looking for ONE specific color! I have the white for the bottom of my paws, I have the tan for my ears and belly, HELL I even have the black for my muzzle stripes and paw-pads, but I just can't seem to find any place that sells the right color for the main part of my fursuit body.

I've seen Dark Chocolates, Browns, tans, camel, virtually almost every shade of brown that I could get my grubby paws on, but it's never the right color. Then... there was a light. A light that shined on me and said, "here ya go"! But alas, it was only a faint light. I found the right color, but it was on ebay and it was only being sold in a small portion. I believe it was called, "Butterscotch" or something to that effect.

I need some serious help. (psssst! This is where you come in... err.. yeah, you can pay attention now. ^.^) If anyone can find this illusive faux fur fabric either online or if you find it in a store near you, please let me know.. err... I'll give you a kiss and hug and lots of gratitude just for letting me know it exists. It looks like the fabric second from the right. Yeah, that kinda orangish-brown.

Evil, evil foam...

Well, I tried making feet out of an old pair of shoes, some foam, and of course, fur. Except it didn't work worth crap. I'm having trouble to get the toes looking anywhere near right, they're hardly noticable unless you stare at them. So, anyone know how I could possibly make these stupid toes more, well, toe like? I probably need better foam, the stuff I'm using now is pretty light, but can't find much of anything. I even had to settle for white fur that could be dyed/painted later, instead of the pretty orange I had in mind. And apologies for the incoherent post, it's about 2 am here...
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Cozy Little Footies On Their Mind

I made a pair of pawgloves over the weekend. Thanks to a tip on here, I put some stuffing under the pads rather than just making them flat, and the paws look so much better than my previous efforts. In fact they're so darn cute I keep putting them on and admiring myself! So thanks for that.

Now it's time for hind paws. I'd like to follow the method outlined in this tutorial, with maybe some stuffed toes added, and I'm wondering what to use for the sole. I need something cheap, readily available, tough enough to walk on but soft enough to hand sew onto fur fabric. Any suggestions? I'm not too fussed about what the undersides of the feet look like; they'll get dirty soon enough, so no point making them all prettylike.

(Also, a prize if you can identify the title quote. A virtual prize, natch.)
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