February 16th, 2004


(no subject)

I'm having a little trouble. I decided I wanted to try to make the tail for my fursuit bigger, more like my drawing.

So. I took my other tail apart, and added another section to it, so its the correct size. BUT I came across a problem. Stuffing it.
I have a 5 lb box of poly fill. And I have enough to pack it as full as I want to.. but I keep coming across the same problem, no matter how many different ways I try to stuff this thing. Its lumpy! ;_;
Its not the sewing, its the filling under the fur for the tail. Even when I try to stuff it loosly, it gets squished and looks lumpy again. :(

Does anyone have any tips for stuffing large spaces? I've never had a problem before.. but I've always stuffed smaller things.
I'm really getting frustrated. I haven't worked on stuffing a tail this large, and I've even tried packing it really full and really loosly. But my Poly-fill isn't doing its job, and making it lumpy.

Let me know what's worked for you.