February 18th, 2004

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from the Fursuit list - on performing

Reposted from the fursuit list - this is an off the cuff reply I gave regarding costume performance. It's one of the less-considered aspects of having a costume.
> How does one perform in a costume? I've just
> finished mine, and would like
> some tips on performance.

[also check the Fursuit FAQ section 30:]

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Hope this helps, and happy performing!

Collar question

Hey all, first time posting here. I was just looking for an opinion on a fursuit "accessory" ;)

I've got a doggie/puppy costume that's in the works and I was considering adding a collar to the suit just for the "cuteness" factor.
My question is, which is better, just buying like an XXL collar (like Mastiff size), or would it be better looking if I made it?

I'm planning on custom making the tag out of molded plastic so that it will be large enough to read.

Thanks for any input :)
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