February 25th, 2004

True Love


I am most definitely new here and have joined at the suggestion of Emberflowers, that most precious Purple Dragoness.

She and I will be bouncing off to Anthrocon later this year -- she will be revising her fursuit, and she and I (mostly she, I'm afraid, unless I start learning cool stuff, and fast) will be starting a whole new one for myself.
Initially we decided on doing a fennec fox for me -- now I'm debating over whether or not I want to piece together a super-cute Maid Marian from Disney's Robin Hood.

This post is a begging plead for suggestions, instructions, assistance, anything! Fursuiting as a pre-designed character intimidates me to no end... but then, so does constructing the complex, narrow face of a little fennec fox. Ayei. x_x

Any help would be so very appreciated -- and also, does anyone know how to construct the hollowed eyes that look your direction no matter where you stand? I want, I want!

Storing tails.

Does anyone have any tips for storing tails?
I guess this seems like an odd question, but I'm having trouble keeping them in a way where they won't .. be in the way? ... all the hangars I've got are closed plastic ones that are really clunky, great for hanging my shirts and pants, but not so great for hanging up tails.
I've just been laying them on a desktop that I don't use.. and it piles up when I make a bunch, plus Ive got the ones that I keep for myself. I've got two hanging up on the few coathangers I've got installed on the wall. But I'm just curious as to what solutions people have came up with for storing tails?
I'd rather hang them up somehow than stuff them in a storage box or leave them on my desk's top.