March 4th, 2004

miss monster

Thinking about hair....

For those who remember my costume designs I posted before, the head requires a full mane of hair. My origional concept was to have the hair dreded and/or braided, but I've had varying ideas on how I can pull off the hair.

My first instinct was to save up and buy dreds from here - I was planning on a pair of 40-50 count dred falls (that's 80-100 dreds total) in pink, purple, and turquoise and then taking the falls appart so I could just attach the dreds one by one to the head. Either that or get a set of the extension dreds... which ever would be easier to attach to the head. Either way, the amount of dreds I would want would be in the range of $50-$80 depending on how many I wanted.

My other thought is to just use thick yarn for the hair, perhaps with similar-colored lanyard and ribbon mixed in. I figured if I got 2 packs of each color that would be enough for a full head of hair, and it would allow me to more easily do the hair along the spine of the tail (which the dreds wouldn't allow me to do, I'd have to buy extra to do that and It may not look as good). I'm afraid though that yarn wil give me too much of a "rag doll" look.

My 3rd Idea was to buy fake hair like they use in wigs or dolls and just style it myself, but I have NO idea where to get stuff like this, how expensive it is, and weither or not I would be able to buy enough for a full head of hair AND the tail.

Also, I need some good ideas on raising and saving funds for these costumes. I'd like to be able to start purchasing suplies sometime in the next month, but as of right now I have maybe $150 available. Anyone got any tips or ideas that worked for them? And does anyone know a place to get the plastic mesh for heads CHEAP, because I've found stuff that looks to me for needle point but it's sold by small sheets and it's expensive...
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