March 5th, 2004

rice ball kitty


Pictures of the unfinished heads... Well, some of them. Still need some foam in places to round things out and what-not. Maybe tweak the plastic mesh a bit more. The only one shown with the bottom half of the mouth is the "stripey_canine" because of design issues or better yet the fact that I wasn't really happy with the way it felt when I'd put it on. I'd like to try a sort of chin-strap method I've seen in halloween masks before making a committment on the mouths. I guess I'd get rid of them. Two canines, a bigass roo lookin' wolf with spikes [easily removable] and a three eyed..thing.... That will probably never be finished. Any suggestions or anyone interested?
Glue Gun


I'm going to try something out. I've ordered balaclavas (and yes, a foam mannequin head) from eBay, and am going to attempt a fursuit head made out of one of those.

First, I'd like to know, does anyone have any tips? Any specific do's or don'ts, or just something you might have tried and want me to know?

Second... what species should I make? :)

Finally... my fursuit head is up to $250! w00t! I feel special. :) *does a little dance*
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