March 18th, 2004

Twilight- Clock is TICKING

New Fursuit Head

Hey all, thought you might like to see my latest project. The fact that I haven't been very active on the boards is due to this lil cutie.

I call her NightShadow. She's based off several species of bat, including the Mexican free-tailed, but mostly will exhibit the traits of the South American leaf-nosed bat, a personal fav.

The fur for the suit just arrived today, so I plan to have the suit pretty much finished this weekend, if all goes well.

NightShadow's Head 1
NightShadow's head 2
NightShadow's Head 3

She has a moveable jaw and those illusion-tracking eyes. I have to finish foaming out her cheecks and such, and then I start furring. What does everyone think?
Dia purplemoon

A few nice Auctions up...

Was bored so I looked around.

Hm, REALLY surprised no one has bid on this... A Blue fox! Quite nicely done! (though I would flip the tail so it curves the other way) Amazing, a WHOLE CUSTOM SUIT for only $150! Someone's gotta want this cutie.
More pics:

Same creator as the blue fox, different head! Cute wolf. I think this could be modified with a poof of hair or something else to bring it to life!
More pics:

A cute toony Cougar! Big, round and adorable

White_Fox/Arend Studio's Fox w/paws & Tail (ubercuteness here)