March 21st, 2004

Glue Gun

An idea...

Does anyone know if someone's ever attempted a 'taur fursuit? I did a Google search, and it didn't really provide me with anything. Just an article about someone who was trying to build one, but that was a couple years old.

I've got some ideas, and would like to try building one, but I'd like to know if anyone's done some trial and error on this subject.
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Well, as you guys know... I'm working on making a Bunny... but I need cash pretty bad so I can go to AC... So I'm working on an other that may help me get the moola faster. I was going through some different species of dogs... and I saw one of my favs, a Border Collie. I've been wanting to make one for a while, now and I know where to get really good fur! I think he'll turn out pretty nice and I'll also try another style of doing him, a lil less cartoony. I'll probably finish him in a few weeks or less... depending on my schedule. :3
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An introduction and Gun Jumping

*waves to the crowd*
Hello all. I'm Dexter Fox. I've been a Southern California fur for over a year now and hanging around with fursuiters for most of that time. Thing is, I've never gotten around to getting a suit of my own. Always wanting my first suit to be perfect and all and never finding the time to make my own. Well, I've had about all I can stand and I am looking to get a suit of my own very soon. It won't be my dream fursuit, but it will be mine.

To make a long post semi-short, I'm jumping the ettiquite gun and seeing if any of the readers here want to build a suit for me or sell me one you've made. I'm not exceedingly particular and I'm fiscally able to pay for a fairly decent suit. I want full body including head and I'm leaning toward a naturally-colored small woodland creature like a rabbit or chipmunk. I'm also checking furbid, so if you have something up there (or somewhere) that you think I should notice, let me know. Otherwise, I'd love to hear from anyone who may be interested. BTW, the suit would need to be finished and delivered before AC. Thank you.
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Meet Lars Flink!

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As some of you know, my unofficial New Year's resolution was to make this the year I made a fursuit of my very own. I picked my fighter pilot RPG character, Lars Flink, for the experiment.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of playing with Lars, he's Swedish and a Samoyed dog. The fact that he's a pilot means I got to cheat and use a flightsuit (purchased off eBay) for the body, so really he's just a partial suit. But my very first attempt! And lo, he is done!

Character concept (large 800x600 image)
Ready for action
Well, he is Swedish...

Some pics of head construction can be found at
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Ooo, busy little me ^_^
I'm not sure how many here are from the UK, but I'll post these on furbid if they don't sell here. I've made some paws and tails recently, and just thought they might interest some of you. Not everything I've made has been posted yet though.

Black tipped arctic fox/wolf tail
Copper fur gloves
Long fox tail

Unfortunatly, I can't send overseas yet, as I haven't sorted out how to accept payment. I'll deal with it before they go on furbid though ^_^
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