March 25th, 2004

flapjack kitten

Hey everyfur!

Hi there. I'm working on a mesh head, and I think I'm pretty much ready to fur it.. except for one tiny problem. The eyeholes that I have cut out of the mesh base of the mask are just about the size of my own eyes, and right up against my face. It's extremely snug (I wanted it to be like that) and fits comfortably, but the problem's that I have no idea how to make the eyes. Usually I'd set them within the head itself, but this mask is so small that it won't work that way. I have ideas on how to make 'toony eyes for this, but I really wanted to go for a realistic look. It's a rather medival anthro grey fox (vixen), by the way, a sort of "guardian of the Earth". I'm making her for a renfest, so she needs to be pretty realistic. We can't have mascots running around there. ^^' Oh, I should probably mention that I need to be able to *see out of* the eyes. I'm just totally lost with this, but I need to get it done fast!

Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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New to fursuiting.

Some of y'all may know me as KaHaTeNi Coyote or if you knew me even later in the past, you might know me as XaiazQuarie. For quite a while I've been fasinated in fursuiting but I have no money for such a project. Except I have comissioned Latin Vixen to make a fursuit head of KaHaTeNi. I have yet to get money for the rest of the suit, but in time I will. And I have been to FurCon two years in a row.

I have made masks before..but I don't know if you'd consider that part of fursuiting..:P. But I figured I'd join and get into the swing of things as soon as my fursuit starts getting more and more completeted.

Husky head up for auction, cross-posted from journal

Husky Head Auction

Eh heh, sorry for the shameless plug but this is definitely fursuit related, and I thought some might be interested =) The auction starts at $50 and I'm putting it at no reserve, so the high bidder gets to take him home!

As a bonus, if the auction goes over $200 you get custom paws with pads/claws. I'm selling him to make room for new suits and parts I'm working on as well as to help fund the purchase of more supplies as well as possible con expenses. ^_^ Thanks!

Fursuit workshop this weekend in DC area!

Two day warning!

Saturday, March 27th, 2003, I will be holding another fursuit workshop at my home in the suburban Washington DC area. All are welcome to join us for a day of costume work. Please RSVP directly to me (jalbers at pandaguy dot com), and also email me directly if you need directions. Bethesda is located just north west of DC, inside the DC beltway.

If you are going to come, again, please RSVP. Do *NOT* arrive before noon. Bring munchies, drinks, etc for yourself and something to share. We usually break for dinner around 6:00pm or so.

If you have something to work on, bring it along. I have tools to use, but you need to supply your own materials please. Some of the participants have donated some materials to the scrap pile for anyone to use, but if you do take from the pile, please consider donating to it as well.

The sewing machine has been fixed, and the sample pack from National Fibre Tech has arrived!

We look forward to you joining us! --Jon Albers/PandaGuy