March 26th, 2004


hey pups! *pokes self with needle* YOUCH! I'm working on my suit right now... and well... I'll post pictures of him when he's done. :3 ...but anyway, I live in Tennessee and I have absolutely no RL furry friends and I was wondering if anyone knew of any that live here or anywhere close to East TN. I get bored often and have no one to hang out with or to go suiting with (well besides my mum.) But anypoodles, lend me a paw and tell me if ya know of anybody. I'm always ready to add new members to the pack!
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So I started the K'i-Rin, and for reasons unknown to me, he morphed into a blue dragon. I don't argue with the fursuit heads, so whatever. Here's some pictures of the new fursuit head I'm making:

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As you can see, I've got one side of the head basically complete, and totally left out the otherside. Tomorrow night will finish up the otherside.

Making a tail for him as well, and paws if needed. He'll be up for sale on furbid next week. I fear scaling the tail. Ick.

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Fur Storage?

Hey all. In the past few months, I've gotten a couple more commissions. All this fursuiting has resulted in quite a large amount of extra fur laying around. At the moment (with two unfinished fursuits) I've got about 15 yards of fur to store. Anybody have any suggestions on the best way for me to store all this fur in my little room? Thanks!