April 3rd, 2004

  • jovino

the eyes have it

Hi all... long time listener, first time caller...

So, I am FINALLY making a head. A big head. A big bunny head. :)

I have decided to go somewhere in between realistic and cartoony and land somewhere in the anthropomorphic arena. All my sketches seem to be calling for round/dome eyes. So, I started thinking....

Most round eyes I have seen are plastic-types. The benefit to these are realism. The drawback is visibility, fogging and breathability. The most popular flat eyes I have seen are needlepoint "mesh". The benefit to these are easy to see, easy to work with. The drawbacks are they are flat. Well, I want the best of both!

I have been thinking about this for several hours, and every thought leads me back to the idea of using wire strainers covered in a stretchy/meshy material that I should be able to see through. The fabric pieces will be attached to the strainer with small stitches to each other and to the wire mesh itself. The idea is to allow me full visibility out of the huge eye holes, allow airflow and something that will be relatively easy to make.

Mesh strainer image for motivation:

So, I am wondering if there is another solution that has not crossed my mind yet. I'm still looking... still thinking... gonna start carving. :-D