April 7th, 2004

badger, steampunk

semi-finished skunk head

well, here's my first full fursuit head, a semi-realistic brown and white skunk. It's not totally done yet (in RL the ears and nose aren't there yet, they were added in paintshop to get a quick look) though it has whiskers, they just didn't show in the photo.I also need to add the lips/eyelids/and hair to it... I just wanted to see what everyone thinks of it...does it look "skunky" enough ?

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Hey there everyone =) I'm a newbie to fursuiting and to this group as well. Figured I'd drop by a hello. =D Anyway, I'll be posting pictures of my progress of my first fursuit using a plastic mesh technique. If anyone has useful tips on making fursuits, besides the info in the userinfo of this group, please let me know! ^_^

Also, if anyone has any good instructions or websites on how to make wings (think HUGE wings, about a human's body height.) Then I'd love to know as well!

Also the name's Kitshera and I will be attending Anthrocon in the current fursuit I'm working on. ^-^

Oh just another question, I don't want to feel up this page with images, so what I'm asking is...

Ya know when someone links to another page they posted images in? But it's still in their journal but not on their MAIN page of their journal? How do you do that? ^-^ Just wondering. Hope I didn't confuse anyone x.x;