April 8th, 2004

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Hmm... Since I am doing Ramera as my fursuit... (Click the name to see her picture. I dwew it =d) I wonder if it's possible for me to get fur, dye it a Cheetah's colors and put black spots on it? Or would that not look good? I also dont have an airbrush or the money for one, so that comes as another problem x.x; Heh, I do not want to use pre-patterned cheetah fur. It would look WAYY too fake. Plus she has special spot patterns. ^_^ If you look on her forehead it says hi. She welcomes you with her forehead. =0 (Was done unintentionally.)
Glue Gun


Here's where I stand on my ferret head. I gotta add the "mask" and most of the brown fur yet, and the final details. I'm currently working on the ears. I'm glad the eyes don't look too buggy. :)

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated! :)
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hey, guys... I'm having a bit of problem. I'm gonna be working on another suit soon... He's going to be one of the characters (a duck) from one of my favorite Disney cartoons... but I'm keeping his identity a lil secret till I finish him! ;3 (no... it's not Donald, just to let ya know) But anyway. I'm not sure of how to make his bill. Anyone know how to do this? I've thought about this for a while now, but I can't think of how to do it! YARG! X{
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Wolf For Sale

Its finally happened: I've decided to sell Moro, my white wolf suit. She's been a treasure, but its time to let her go. I need more rom in the closet for the next bout of fursuits, and honestly, I can't see myself getting any more use out of her, except maybe for Halloween. So, I'd like to pass her on to someone who will truly appreciate her and giver the attention she deserves. This is the most detailed costume I have ever built- she even has muscle structure in her muzzle!

If anyone is interested, they can see the auction here:

Questions are welcome!
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