April 13th, 2004

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Bunny bunny bunny!

So, I did it! I finished my first head—and just in time for Bunny Jam. I actually finished it at 9:30pm, and was out the door by 10 to the party. >:)

I have none of my own photos of it yet, but here's a few online from the party...

Collapse )

And I have a brief encounter of my head-making expirences online as well at jovino.com/bunny. One day I intend on updating it into a tutorial-type thing.

Hee hee hee!
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May NYC trip?

I am currently working on a fursuit of my own character, Kaelan, and am in desperate need of some Burnt Sienna fur with around a one-inch pile height..... I've scoured the internet (buy two batches of stuff I thought would work, but wouldn't), and I can't find anything.

Kaelan's head pictures are posted here, here, here, here, and here.

I've also been wanting to check out the NYC Fashion District for some time now. I've been to the L.A. Fashion District, but I'm told that the one in NYC is bigger and better. I must see for myself!

So the two needs converge...... I'm planning on a trip down to NYC to buy fur on either May 13th or May 27th. I figured that a Thursday would be better for finding more stores open than a Saturday. If I am incorrect, then the trip dates could be May 8th or May 22nd (Both of them Saturdays). Because the way my days off work, it would need to be either a Saturday or Thursday.

If you're interested, please post a comment here. I hope to get together a bunch of fursuitters and have fun scouring the NYC Fashion District for the best in fake fur. ^_^

[crossposted to the fursuit mailing list -- responces there directed to this lj post]

The problem with trying to do things differently...

I'm working on a partial fursuit (my first!) and am having problems with the feet.

The problem being, I want something that's basically halfway between being plantigrade and digitigrade.

I walk on my toes naturally. Really. So this pose isn't a strain for me. But so far everything I've found about making digitigrade feet is on how to /avoid/ standing on your toes. I've thought of just using a basic plantigrade foot and standing on my toes anyhow, but that will wrinkle and flex, and look funny. I need something that's made around how I actually stand.

I'm probably overlooking something obvious... does anybody have any suggestions?
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