April 23rd, 2004



Is there anyone who would be up to making me a lion tail for $20 or less? I want to get one made for me for AC and if I don't get moving there won't be enough time..
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Hi all, just thought I'd post something about me since been in this group a while. Basic info: Male, from UK, 18 years old, studying Mechanical Engineering in Manchester. Being the greedy person I am I have 2 characters, ZaWolf and ZeKitty. A male grey wolf and a female purple kitty. I have a fursuit of ZaWolf and have ordered some ears, paws and a tail of ZeKitty.

I dont have any real sewing skills and I currently have to have everything made for me, which is why I have very little so far. But I do have many ideas and do plan on learning basic sewing at some point over summer, amongst many other things. But some skills I do have are a good knowledge of electrical and mechanical things, so I have many ideas I'd like to try out. The thing Im going to be making next will be the 'chibi killstick' (big gun thing) from MegaTokyo for an anime con, with all sorts of cool functions (to be revealed when finished ^_^). Long term plans include a full fursuit of ZeKitty and also a Kuvrahk suit from the webcomic Alter Meta (Someone else mentioned they were doing one but I forgot who. If they rather I didnt as well then thats fine).

And being from the UK is fustrating at times because there are so few female furs over here and so many in America (in proportion to blokes). Guess I just need to convert someone ^_^