April 28th, 2004


Few Questions

My grandmother has agreed to teach me to really finnaly use a sewing machine we both need to gett off our rumps n do this *lol* but I wondered if anyone out there can help me here. I want to start off learning to make TAILS... in particular, wolf and Cats. Does anyone have any good patterns or could MAKE me some to go by till im "familiar" with how to do them? Or verrrry detailed instructs? My grandmother is more pattern oriented than just tinkery... so Id mostly need it for her and to be honest so I can learn to read a pattern. *blushes feeling so "noobish" but hey gotta all start somewere!*
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Tails soon on furbid

Hey, all! I've got lots of various kinds of fake fur and I really need money now, so I plan on making a few tails here and there to give me a little dough to pay the bills. So my purposes in writng this are 1) to give people the heads up that I plan on making unicorn tails, both black and white, and maybe some ki-lin style tails, as I have a very floofy five-inch-long-red-fur-and-gold-tinsel fur that would be fun for that.
I'll also likely do anything anyone suggests that sounds fun, as from my mask supplies I have three kinds of red fur, a three-toned green fur, black fur, two kinds of white fur, and two black furs-one with silver tips and one with bear-brown tips. I also have two brown-and-cream furs with a scale pattern, one that looks like fish scales and one that looks like what giraffes would look like if their spots were arranged more regularly. So 2) I want to be sure that I'm not teeing anyone off by marketing these or by making them-I seem to recall there being some frustration about ki-lins being the thing.

Floating nebulous glowy thing!

(no subject)

I'm not sure where to post this really...but I figure since fursuiting involves all sorts of materials, I'll ask here :}.

I'm looking for ametrine beads. You know, like those round amethyst beads you see at flea markets and stuff. Ametrine is just another variation of quartz-'half' amethyst and 'half' citrine, making it part purple and part yellow. I'm looking for about 5 round beads 1/4" and 1/2" in size.

I can find the amethyst beads everywhere. However, ametrine is typically a stone you facet, sometimes tumble--I think I may have once seen a small sphere of once.

Anyone know of any good lapidary stores that might carry this, or be willing to special order/custom-make some?
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