April 29th, 2004


Taking suggestions!

I originally made a similar post in ilovetails, but Diadexxus asked me to repeat it here :)

Long story short, I'm going to be trying to do my gryphon costume over the summer, but the unfortunate part is that I'm a college student and the price of the fur I need is rather hefty. I plan on using up what fur I have to make tails/ears/possibly a mask or two and selling them so that I can 1. make money to buy the new fur and 2. have space to store the new fur when I get it.

I can't remember how much I have left of these various furs (aside from the tiger and leopard - can't do tiger/leopard tails because I know there isn't enough), but there should be enough for a tail or two with a few of them, and definitely ears with all of them. All furs are short "rabbit fur" length unless otherwise stated. Are there any specific animal species anybody might be interested in?

- White
- Silver/grey (darker undercoat with lighter silvery-grey hairs on top)
- Brown (peppered with a few black and silver hairs throughout)
- Tiger (very short pile, similar to fun fur but of better quality)
- Leopard (very short pile, similar to fun fur but of better quality)
- White (1 1/2 inch or so pile)
- Aqua frost (I know there isn't much left of this, but possibly enough for a rabbit's tail or smallish animal ears - beautiful stuff, about 2 inch pile)
  • zawolf

Strange question

Okay, strange question here, but what foam would be best to use for making the 'Chibi Killstick' from MegaYokyo?

I plan on using 6ft of plastic tubing as the basis of the structure with the foam on top, so that its strong and has a hollow part to wire all the electronics through. And I will use bolts through the tubing to add extra support for the foam. A picture of what I mean can be found here.

I was thinking the best stuff would be what people use for making foam heads, but I guess people use different types depending how they're doing it. I was planning on cutting the general shape, sticking it on and then carving it down to get it perfect and seamless. So yeah, any ideas what foam I need, where I could get it from in the UK or advice as to how I should be doing this would be great ^_^