May 7th, 2004

Glue Gun

Strapping it to your back....

Some of you guys, I know you've got wings and other heavier things you have to strap to your backs for your fursuits.

I'm looking for something relatively inexpensive, that can hold a bit of weight, that's gonna be durable, and not uncomfortable. One thing similar to what I'm looking for, is a hiking backpack that a friend of mine has; it's got a little cushion for where your back is, and good, sturdy straps, and buckles to go across the chest and waist. Something similar, but not horribly pricey (preferably under $30, if possible) to help with making my new fursuit. I'd go into detail, but I'm not wanting to share too much right now. ;)
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Hey just a question that struck my curiosity.

Which types of fursuits do you guys like better? Toony fursuits or extremely realstic fursuits? Or do you just like both equally? Hope no one minds the questions I've been asking :p I'm just curious on everyone else's views.

- Kitshera Aureana (That Fennec Fox..thing.)
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Twilight- Clock is TICKING

Busy Kitty

I know its not exactly a fursuit, but i thought ya'll might like see what I've been up to recently. I guess you might call this a partial furry. ;) She's not quite finished yet, but I don't have far to go, and I'll post pics as soon as I get her done.

She's called Cham Cham, the kitty-girl fighter from the Samurai Showdown games. She's coming along rather nicely, I think, so I thought I'd share some photos. Feel free to laugh. I made the attempt at spiking my hair, but instead of getting the Tina Turner look, I ended up with the just-got-out-of-bed look. Oh well. Thats why I'm getting a wig. ;)

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Well....I did it

I finally got it done. I wound up ditching the moveable jaw idea, but this is it. I have decided to sell this one, so I'm not going to add the green glasses and red hair (that make it my character) but keep it as a generic gray/white fem. wolf.
It's a prototype because i know what i'm going to change for the next one, and I wanted to say thank you to matrices and pinkuh esp. who helped a lot with advice!

SO. Ta da.

More Pics in the cut!
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I will add 2-3 shots of someone wearing the head as soon as one of my apartment mates gets home- and add the link to the furbid auction when I get it up.