May 10th, 2004


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I don't even know if this is possible, but I'll ask anyway. I'm making a black leopard suit, and I want the fur to have the light spots that black leopards have, instead of just being plain black. Do anyone have any ideas on how I can do that?

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postin em so ppl can see rosequoll likes finishing the back of the ears, bangs/other warbraid and a lil hair to back to finish the mask! Shes gonna do tail/paws tomorrow then feet within the week from what I gather. I go zonk after this Collapse )
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pre-planning for a new suit...

I'm not quite done my current "Inix" costume (only the bodysuit to go! Yay!) But I already have plans for 3 new costumes. One is for me, a generic wolf/dog that I'm still just playing with as far as design, no idea when in the conceivable future I'll start it. The second is a black anubis my roommate brian wants me to help him make over the summer. The third is for my friend Bob and will be a big Bowser costume.

The first 2 I think I have pretty well planned construction-wise in my head. The Bowser one is giving me problems, in particular figuring out a way to do the shell. Bob wants it to be as close to the proportions of bowser as possible, in that he has huge head and body and short stocky arms and legs. This means that the shell would end up being HUGE! Bob's a pretty strong guy, but I would like a way to make a shell that is sturdy (not soft like a plush toy, but not rock-solid either), as light as possible, and not too hot from added bulk and stuffing. I have NO idea how to pull it off, and I thought I would ask you guys if you had any ideas or suggestions. It'll be a long while before I start on this one (bob doesn't want it untill next summer) but I figured with as big a project as this I may as well get the technical stuff planned now. Thanks!
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Seems to be mostly about heads here recently. Congrats to anyone who has one, and good luck to those still building them ^_^

I'm hoping to be making a head soon, but I don't want to try building it on my head again, as it's too awkward. I was wondering what would be best to build the head on?

Thanks for any help you can give ^_^
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