May 24th, 2004


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I'm excited, Saturday May 29th, there will be a Memorial Day Parade in Coupeville, Washington, and I've been invited to walk with CADA (that's the Citizens Against Domestic and sexual Abuse)
And I'm not talkin' about a mass-mailed flyer advertising the parade, a personal invitation!!!
I've never got an invitation to do such a thing before! They want me to wear my fursuit!
I'm thinking of making armsleeves so I can wear the head as a half suit.. but so I don't have to wear a longsleeved shirt since I only have paws, and my bodysuit's color doesnt match up. I also wanna wear my wolf pants!! ee.

This is so exciting! And I just put new eyes in the mask, too! I used the bowl method, right now I'm searching for a good large sized pair of sunglass lenses for me to stick in there for pupils. :D
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Alright, random update time!
I'm going to graduate from high school this Saturday, and then possibly the next Monday, me and my sister are going to celebrate by taking a drive down to the local fabric store and art store to get stuff for our projects :D. I'm still planning on doing my snow griffin costume, and my's changed her mind as to what she wants to do. We'll figure it out though. :}

Anyway...we've been pondering this for a while...
My sister's character is Alakyl the dire wolf. She looks something like this: (you may have to delete the http:// or www. or copy/paste the url to get it to work). A rusty-colored wolf with multi-colored spirals in her fur.

I had suggested a while back that my sister make a fursuit of Alakyl, but she's basically shot that down every time with the same argument: How on earth would one make the spirals?
I've thought of two ways: 1) sew different-colored fabrics into the rust base and 2) paint the spirals.
Right now, we do not have an airbrush set, so painting the spirals would be difficult. However, neither of us are very good at sewing (and we don't own a sewing machine any more), so sewing the spirals would be difficult as well. suggestions?
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I have a question for anybody who's dealt with CR's Crafts before, since I haven't yet. I'm planning on ordering a complete set of Monterey Mills sample cards from them so I can make a final decision as to which fur to use for the project I'm starting on, but there isn't a whole lot of information on the site about ordering.

What payment methods do they take? They don't say on the website, and I would like to know before I actually place the order. Given how highly recommended the site is by people here, I was hoping one of you could help me out here :)