May 25th, 2004

Jax - Snarlyspikey by Seely!


Finished up a commission head, a sickneningly cute puppy.. figgered I'd post pic here to show you guys! I used Latinvixen's tool dip nose method (Painted) and the Balaclava and foam base. I reaaaally like that way.

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Aibo ninja

Custom Embroidory, anything you want ;)`

Trying something new here. You can get your character embroiderd on pretty much anything that you can wear i.e. hats, shirts, polos, hoodies, undies, endless possibilities. We are doing a test on furbid to streamline the ordering process but we should be up for comissions after ac. Every piece is adorned with an original drawing which is then digitized in an embroidery program, and passed on to the machine for stitching. Here is the url for the acuction if you are interested.

this is the first test piece as example. it only gets better from here!!!!

hat example

Tell what you think!!
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got most of my suit figured out

i have been toseing up messurements that i want the muscles to be on my arctic wolf suit "noble" since my charater is a VERY powerful ledgendary animal! I have final got the messurements i want after 2 months or thinking about it.

upper arm = 28 to 30 inchs
lower arm= 22 inchs
chest = 55 to 60 inchs
upper leg part -33 to 35 inches "digi leg style"
waist = 36 inchs

blue hair = 30 inchs or longer

tail = 40 to 50 inch, up curved tail

i'm not sure on how long i want his teeth or if i want to make him have a snarling moving jaw with moving ears "if i get the bugs out of my plan's for the lip raiseing part and the moving ear part"

3D "depth" eyes will be in this suit, aswell as 2.5 inch long nails

here's a pic of him

i'm making him much more musclure then the pic shows

i will be working on this after AC, around my commsions

i should have him complete buy late August or early september
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