May 26th, 2004


Hi! I have a quick question, my boyfriend and I have a lot of fur lying around that we don't do anything with anymore and we're looking to sell some of it on either furbid or ebay but I don't know which would be better. We have large pieces of short and long furs and also a large lot of two boxes full of random scraps along with 3 unfinished tails. I'm just wondering where would be the best place to sell it, furbid or ebay?

Search for a name.

Dia said I should post pics of my tiger fursuit head here for recommendations on eyes. :-)

I've got more pics here, including some very high-quality pics of the head without the lower jaw.

Recomendations on eyes and a name would be greatly appreciated, as well as comments. And before you start complaining about the pics not being cut, they're 17K each!

Cartoon-y fursuit eyes, how-to!

Make cartoon-y fursuit eyes!
Its simple!

  • Find a good clean convexly curved plastic bowl or bottle.
  • Carefully cut it to the shape you want the white of your eyes for your mask.
  • Even more carefully carve out the "pupils." (make sure its large enough for you to see out of!)
  • Find those silly old person clip-on sunglasses.
  • Unscrew them from their old person clip-on dealy.
  • Position them over your carefully carved "pupils."
  • Hot glue in place.
  • Attach to your mask!
  • Take pictures to post to fursuit for us all to admire!

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